We are PICK A TWIG a conscious handmade jewellery label that is focused on finding a new way of living and making.

Bewildering beauty of nature and the clarity of forms in urban aesthetics is a constant source of inspiration for us. We try to unite these things in our works to create unique jewellery that is minimal timeless and with a bold statement. exceptional without being complicated.

This also forms a backbone to our business, we believe in a new way of doing things wich includes circular and sustainable solutions and materials, fairtrade approach a focus on quality not quantity, and design that. This is why Each item of jewellery we produce is made of recycled metals, and are created using sustainable studio practises. Our packaging is created using responsible forestry certified paper and recycled materials.

Our planet is a wonderous place and will use our business to inspire, and implement positive change for both people and the environment.